Do you have a winning ticket of $1.28 million, know the 6 points of the winning ticket

According to the website, the amount of the Mega Million jackpot for Friday is $1.28 billion.

Friday's Mega Million win of $1.28 billion was 13-36-45-57-67 with a Mega Ball of 14

This jackpot will be the second largest jackpot in 20-year history and the third largest jackpot in a US lottery game.

The largest jackpot amount of any US lottery game was 1.586 billion-dollar

Timothy Soules, who won the $28 million Power Ball jackpot in 1999, hosts the Lottery Podcast

He said that the first thing he called his lawyers and financial advisors was when he looked at his numbers in the newspaper and found out he had won.

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